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My Art Story

Mona ErfanianThe story of my art began when I was 10 years old. It started when my cousin discovered my talent in painting and then I was encouraged by my parents to take it more seriously. . My journey into the art of was entering a new world, a mixture of reality and fantasy. It not only made me a happier teenager, but also made my world colorful. Everything looked gray to my eyes those days, due to the war between Iran and Iraq. I learned basic drawing and painting at Espahbodi Art School in my hometown, Mashhad. At that time, I participated in the first and second youth visual arts annual festival in Iran, and I earned the first and second in the field of graphic design. They were great achievements for me 16 years old and I will never forget it. As much as I was interested in painting, I also loved geometry, and this led me to study architecture at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Although the most fruitful period of my artistic activities has been in my teenage years and in recent years, but I have always carried art as a special treasure of my life. Painting in my inner world has played the role of a hidden supporter who has acted in the happiest and saddest moments. Thus, my journey in the world of art can be divided into three main periods. The first period was before entering the university, which was mostly assigned to drawing figures, portraits, and some free ideas with a pen. I also had some painting experiences with ink, watercolor, and oil color. I am glad that in the early years, my main focus was on sketching that it was the best my teacher's gift for me. The second period of my Journey began when starting the study in the College of Fine Arts. The College is one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious art colleges in Iran, and my long term studying there was a fantastic experience for me. However, in those years the college atmosphere was influenced by the special conditions of the society after the war and everything was changing. With the basics lessons of architecture and the courses I took to increase my visual literacy, my mind was led to some new perspectives and creative ideas. These new perspectives, in conjunction with the techniques learned in the past, influenced my practices in the next years. Unlike the previous period, in this period and in the few works that I did, I was using color and mostly in the form of illustration. Finally, the last part is about when I am still in, and it started about two years ago. After passing too many experiences in my outside world, visiting many countries and meeting of many different people, I needed to have a return to the inside world of mine and my adolescent dreams. A feeling that may occur to everyone in the forties. In this period, again, painting plays an important role in my thinking and my routine life. What I have painted during this period, which has become an explosion, is a combination of the skills I have learned in the past and the colorful mental reserves that I have accumulated during this journey and over the years. I am now standing where I would like to invite the people who are interested in these ideas to travel with me on this journey.